Friday, October 18, 2013

When it "rains" in San Diego

This is San Diego drivers when it rains:  "What is this evil magic that dost fall from the sky?  It has wetted the ground below -- D'AH!  Where am I?  What kind of machination have I found myself in?  Why, it is a cart pulled by an invisible horse!"

And this is my response:  "It is RAIN people!"

Geez louise, they drive like there is three inches of snow covering the ground.  This isn't snow.  It's not ice.  It's not even a bleeding thunderstorm!  And in SD (during the day) give it ten minutes and you'll hardly be able to tell it was actually pouring for all of (and this next bit is not hyperbole) two itty bitty minutes.

One day I left the office to make a deposit at the bank -- took ten extra minutes to get there.  Left the bank to head home -- took me twenty extra minutes to get to the freeway.  Honestly.  It is just rain!  The one bright side to that whole driving fiasco, I did see my big, bold, beautiful rainbow with its left foot stretching to the ground.