Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Silly Romantic Scene

Silly Romantic Scene


We were friends for a while.  One day I had allergies pretty bad, which I'd never had until I was twenty-five.  I had been wearing my contacts all day.  My eyes were stinging and watering.  My left eye hurt so badly I was getting a sinus headache.  I went home from work and took out my contacts.  My eyes were red, especially the left one.  They were still watering and stinging.  I took some Tylenol.  I looked at myself in the mirror.  Both eyes were swollen; the left one was almost shut.  I felt miserable.

My friend came over to keep me company.

“My eye is nearly swollen shut,” I pouted flopping down on the couch next to him.

“Yeah,” he responded.  He kept glancing over at me with a peculiar look.  Then he took his arm, put it around my shoulder and gently squeezed me to him.  This squeeze, for some reason, felt different from the normal hugs of friendship; there was almost a sense of frustration in this particular squeeze.  He gave me a quick kiss on my temple as he always does to reassure me.  I looked up at him.  Before I knew what happened, the fool kissed me.  What?

He sighed, “I think you’re beautiful.”

My dear friend, whom I adored and was secretly infatuated with, loved me as more than a friend.  Slowly this realization trickled down over me from the top of my head, through my arms, and out of my fingers; it then tingled all the way to my toes – the delicate feeling of bliss.

“Really?” I questioned.

He just smiled at the silly gal beside him.  “Yeah.”

Further into the evening we were watching auditions for one of those televised talent competitions.  My legs were stretched out across his lap, slight pangs of my headache lingering.  My eyes were feeling a little better after having put allergy drops in them.  My friend looked at me and asked, “Do you think we could do some more of that whole my lips meet yours later on?”

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