Monday, December 23, 2013

Relationship vs Religion

     If it helps you to understand by thinking me religious, go ahead, but I don't see myself as very religious.
     If I were so religious, a service of church would never be missed, I'd read from the Bible everyday out loud, I'd pray everyday - long, elaborate prayers that every believer knows.  There is a lot of self-discipline that goes along with practicing religion.
     But what is between me and my God isn't a religion, it's a relationship.  I suppose there are certain aspects of religion in every relationship - a kiss hello and goodbye, an intoned "I love you", a smile after an absence, listening when the other is speaking - but it is still a relationship above all.  With my God it is relationship I am practicing more than religion.

     The clarity of this thought came to me one morning, but as I started to write it down, the words started breaking up and floating away like mist.  Sort of lost track of the thought, I guess.  Since this became an incomplete thought (and an incomplete post), I'll instead leave you with a link to a devotion that touches this topic (it doesn't speak on this topic, only mentions it).

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