Saturday, September 5, 2015

Old poem about Sue's House

(I wrote this poem in high school, I believe, for a creative writing class.)

The House

If these walls could talk
Their story would be:
For years
The yard has been trampled on
By the feet of young ones and tricycles

Songs have floated through our interior.
They sweetly sing to us lullabies.
Laughter has been the melody
Friendship has been the harmony
Imagination has been the words.

We have watched petty fights over crayoned pictures or who gets the ball.
We have smiled to each other at the giggles of forgiveness.

Reminiscence has called to us many a time.
Times of board games and plays
Times of house, school and bank.
Dreams we see, will one day come true.
Lives we see change will one day just be another memory to us.

We watch over each child that 
Steps through our doors
And romps through our halls.

And when they've gone from us until the next day we think of them and their sweet dreams.
And when they've gone from us forever we remember them in our prayers.

These walls tell a story.
Did you ever think to listen?

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