Monday, October 5, 2015

At the community arboretum

     At the community arboretum at VWCC.  Jen recommended it.  It is a lovely spot on a gorgeous day.  I've decided on a child-sized bench next to running water.  Over the weekend it was rain and cold -- wonderful.  Today the sun has come out.  "Hello, Beautiful Day.  Didn't know how much I needed you until I had you."
     I dressed pretty for a date with this Beautiful Day, but I don't feel very pretty -- not the kind of pretty I want to be.  Superficial, I know, but I'm a girl that way.
     And lonesome.  Lonesome for him I've yet to meet since being back in Roanoke.  I "felt the need" or the "intuition" (still unsure how to describe that thing I have) to pray if our meeting will be soon, but I don't know how to listen and look for that answer.  The answer to "who?" -- much easier to spot.
    I know having someone won't be the answer to everything, but for this moment, it would be the answer to something.  May I serve him well and love him dearly.  If he picks me.  I very much hope, right now, not knowing the kind of person he is now, he picks me.

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