Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ginnie & Sebastian: September 23, age 26

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September 23, age 26

"I tried to be brave but I hid in the dark/ I sat in that cave and I prayed for a spark/ To light up all the pain that remained in my heart/ And the rain kept falling."
-- Andrew Peterson

     It has been a long darkness.  Having taken a twisted refuge in a house made of fog, I have finally stepped out into the sunlight.  Looking back at my year of being maudlin, the shadows take shapes, but they are whisked away before any of the forms are sensible.
     I’ve decided to keep a diary of sorts.  Get things in writing.  Get the fug-creating thoughts that zoom around my mind down on paper. 
     It’s not living that I hate, but working in an office, day after day, doing the same needed yet tedious tasks.  Doing the same thing every day.  There was high school, college, and….  No more “grown up” jobs.  In fact, no more working at all except when I need money.
     I can't think right now.  I can't think what else to write.

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