Saturday, February 9, 2013

Louie (Part 5 - the last)

“Oh, I see.  Hello there.  You decided this would be a good place to park your old car?  Thought a spider would fit in around here?”  Louie was embarrassed.  He hadn’t meant to impose.  He only wanted to rest a bit.

Louie turned around and began making his way back to the steering wheel.

“Well,” came the deep growl, “I suppose a spider and an old toy car wouldn’t look too out of place here.”  Louie stopped.  “Yeah, you can stay.  Why not?”

Mr. Copperpot sat in the chair.  Louie climbed to his web and nestled in.  Mr. Copperpot sat for a long time staring at the horizon.  Only once did he speak saying: “Wait till the sun rises.  You won’t think this place looks so bad when the sun rises.”  Louie fell asleep.

*               *          *

A door shut softly.  Feet padded on the sidewalk.  A heavy weight sank into the rusting chair.  A deep growl, almost a purr, was heard.  Louie could smell the morning, but knew it was not quite dawn.  He opened his eyes.  The old shed and the overgrown grass had not changed much in the night, even covered in morning dew.  Then something happened.

Louie looked out to the horizon and saw something amazing.  Dawn came.  Louie was astounded.  The only sound was Mr. Copperpot’s slow breathing.

Mr. Copperpot sat and sat staring at the horizon until the sun had stretched her fingers completely.  He then went inside.

Louie had moved from his web to the back of the seat.  As he watched the morning begin, he knew he would be quite happy with his new home.


The end.

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