Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sacrifices and Blessings

   As it is Ash Wednesday (which I only knew because of the Facebook posts I saw), I have been thinking what I would like to sacrifice for Lent -- keeping in mind that it isn't just about giving something up, but replacing it with Something better (the S is capital for a reason).  I don't like giving up something I can easily go back to after the Lent season is over.  That practice seems to miss the point.  If it were just giving up something for 40 days, I'd not drink tea.  (I do love my tea.)  Although, maybe I will give up my oral coping mechanisms and instead of drinking tea or eating chocolate whenever life is wrought with anxiety, I will turn to God's Word instead.
    Anyways, I'm having a hard time concentrating on what to sacrifice for Lent.  Life has been pretty anxiety-ridden for me as of late -- for my family and myself personally.  It seems more like a "count my blessings" time of life than a fasting time of life -- though, I suppose they are one in the same.
     Counting my blessings, I think of my family.  I really do have a great family -- immediate and extended.  We look out for each other and support one another.  I am physically far away from most of my family at the moment, but they are always close to me as they are often on my mind.  I am thankful I can count them as some of my blessings.  (I don't know if I linked the web address to the video correctly.  If not, copy and paste.)

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