Monday, December 10, 2012

Ants -- Who Knew? - Aug 29 2009

I bought this bug spray to kill crickets that come into my house. It is coming on September, which is crickets in my room season - HECK NO! I've already come across four, which is not acceptable. Anyways, this indoor bug spray lists all the different types of bugs (including crickets - die you big bulbous slick black suckers bugs creepy things that scare the living crap out of me and nearly cause me to have a syp -- a csy -- a psychotic brak -- a sp -- a psychotic break. I can't even type they upset me so much. Irrational fear, yes, but a nearly incapacitating fear nonetheless). Who knew there were sooo many different types of ants? It was like reading the "Poopie List" (which, if you've never read that, you should look it up online. There are many variations of it, all of which make me laugh b/c I have the humour of a six-year-old I guess.)

ANTS: Fire Ants (including red imported fire ants - who is the blowhole who imported them and where did he import them from I'd like to know - southern fire ants, California fire ants, tropical fire ants), carpenter ants, Argentine ants (faboulous dancers), pavement ants, larger yellow ants, little black ants (often lovingly referred to as "piss ants"), cornfield ants, odorous house ants, crazy ants (I'm not making this up), ghost ants (again, not making this up), white footed ants, acrobat ants (they are oftentimes the sideshow of a flea circus -- the "flea circus" bit I did make up), field ants, velvety tree ants, pharoah ants (they wear crowns, two different varieties, one crown for the northern kingdom and one for the southern), and red harvester ants.

Are you kidding me?!!

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