Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day Four: VA -- CA - May 17 2011

Thursday. A million turns in AZ to 8W and on to San Diego; well, technically Santee. I drove the whole way this day. We left about 7am and arrived at Nana and Grandpa's in Santee at 4pm.

Arizona. This was the one state I had been anticipating the most. I don't know that I was as taken by it as I thought I would be, but it did hold it's own beauty. I liked the mountainous region where every curve revealed a new beautiful mystery. I was less impressed by the Sonoran Desert. The phrase "barren land" comes to mind.

Getting close to the point of needing gas, I stopped at one place that called itself historical and in the middle of nowhere. Got off the highway, took one look at the place advertised: "GAS/FOOD, said "I don't think so," and reentered the 8. I'm adventourous, but the I draw the line at Twilight Zone possibilities. Twenty miles down the road was Dateland (known apparently for its abundance of dates) with a Texaco, giftshop and Quiznos all in one place. Yea, Dateland.

That was our only stop until Santee, though once in CA, we did ride through three border control stations.

And the gas. All across the country gas (regular unleaded) was between $3.69-$3.99. California alone -- $4.09-$4.20. Ah well.

And here I am.

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