Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things I Think About on My Drive to Work 13 - Jan 6 2010

Groundhogs Day -- a forgotten classic. "Ned! Ned Needlemeyer!" And a 180-degree spin to the camera.

Bill Murray is a holiday classic. Groundhogs Day. Scrooged (Christmas). Stripes (for all military holidays, like Memorial Day -- "Doo wah diddee, diddee dum, diddee doo"). Ghostbusters (great for Halloween or Christmas). SNL Halloween shows. Meatballs (to celebrate Summer in all its glorious possibilities). And didn't he dress up as a bunny in something?

Bill Murray - for every season and holiday.

And for those in the mood for just a wee bite of awesomeness (or a big bite considering everyone that's in it and how great they are) -- Little Shop of Horrors. "Thank you! THANK YOU!"

And if you haven't seen any of those -- what the cuss are you waiting for?! (Fantastic Mr. Fox for those keeping up.)

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