Monday, December 10, 2012

Things I Think About on My Drive to Work 1 - Oct 7 2008

I lived in San Diego for 4 years going to school. Here is what puzzled me most: Why do so many Southern Californians have SUVs? Why? Plan on going 4-wheeling through the desert? Because SUVs fit so nicely in those compact parking spaces at Walmart? Or because they get such great gas mileage on the freeway?
I once heard the SUV is the new minivan. Fine. I'm sure you need the space to haul all one of your children.
A friend of mine said she needed the space to help her move all her stuff. Okay. But how often are you moving that it's more affordable to have an SUV 365 days of the year instead of renting a U-Haul? College is one thing, but again...are you kidding me?
I am baffled.

P.S. How do you hit every green light on your way to work? -- Have something you really want to write down in your notebook while waiting for the red light to change green.

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