Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day One: VA -- CA - May 17 2011

I don't remember much of what I was going to write regarding the drive from Virginia to California as I didn't have my Thought Book handy to write for part of the time, and I was driving the other part. Honestly, there's not much to tell either. It was a little boring driving across 40W and the trip was uneventful. But with the few notes I wrote each night to spur some memory, I shall try to write something semi-interesting.

The first day of our trip, Monday, May 9, we drove from Ferrum, VA to Memphis, Tennessee. Leaving Mom's house sometime around 8am, we first stopped at CVS to buy some last-minute provisions then began our trek down 81S. Dad was working at an Exxon truck stop just off 81, so I popped in for a minute to again say "goodbye." Mom and I took 81S to 40W, which we followed all the way to Holbrook, Arizona.

Somewhere in Tenn. we passed roadkill -- an armadillo. I'd never seen that before. I was amused by some of the town names and street names listed on the exit signs: Bucksnort (what inspired that delicate name?) and Loosahatchie (You loosa your hatch, eh?). We stopped for lunch at a McDonalds outside of Knoxville.

We were warned by mom's stepson, a truck driver who frequents 40W in TN that it was a mess of construction and road work. We didn't encounter any construction, only traffic in major cities like Knoxville and Nashville, the latter of which I hit at the 5 'o clock hour.

We arrived in Memphis and checked into a Best Western. Very sweet. It was huge. Had a kitchenette. And we got a great rate. In Memphis, we were on central time. While it was 8:21 pm in Memphis, it was 9:21 pm in Virginia.

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