Monday, December 10, 2012

Things I Think About on My Drive to Work 7 - Mar 19 2009

 I should be mentally preparing myself for the work day ahead, preparing myself for thinking kind thoughts toward my coworker who just jumps on my nerves and won't let go....Kindness, kindness....
I should get a dog and name it Emu. Then get another dog and name it Ewe. Then I could say, "Hey, Ewe!" and "Ewe, come here!" "Ewe,sit!" Kind of cheeky. Then I was thinking I could add a "y" at the end sometimes. You know, how we feel we have to add a long "e" sound at the end of a name, like my Stephanie, some people make "Stephie" [(
*@wretch&!) Oh, sorry, I threw up a little bit.] So I'd call the dog "Ewe-y" sometimes. But I don't like it as much. It might get confusing trying to call the dog while people are around. "Ewe!" Everyone turns and looks at me. "What?" So maybe Huey will work better. Settled. Getting a dog, naming it Emu, and another calling it Huey.
Emu and Huey.

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