Monday, December 10, 2012

Things I Think About...10 - Sep 10 2009

Allow me to travel a bit into the weird. Well, into the "girl." Traveling into the mind of "girl" is dangerous, so read at your own risk.

I've found this guy....the only guy for me. He's not perfect. No. And it's not like he's just a male version of me, which would be horrible. But he's just....right.

I don't really want to be with someone who will think that it's cute or sweet that I'm into the things I'm into. I feel like I would be settling. Not that we couldn't each have our own thing, but I'd rather be with someone who enjoys a lot of the same things I do as much as I do so we can enjoy them together. There's nothing like the feeling of being "got" (from The Story of Us). Near the beginning of the movie Dan in Real Life, Dan (Steve Carrell) meets this woman Marie (Juliette Binoche) in a bookstore. She thinks he works there so she's telling him what kind of book she's looking for, just going on and on, I want this but not this, and this but not quite this.... Dan tells her that rarely do you find it all in one book. Well, that's like people. I don't expect to find everything in this one guy. I wouldn't want to anyway, I don't want perfection.

But it's like another quote from Dan...: "Is it frustrating that you can't be with this person? That there's something keeping you apart? That there's something about this person that you can connect with? .... and you know that if you could just be together, that this person would help you become the best possible version of yourself?"

This guy is a real guy. Has a name and everything. Not someone I've made up. I just haven't met him.

Crazy, huh. Yeah, I know.

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