Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day Three: VA -- CA - May 18 2011

Mom did all the driving Wednesday from Shamrock, TX to Holbrook, Arizona. I couldn't tell you how many hours she actually drove as we travelled from central through mountain into pacific time, but it was 7:30 am CST when we left Shamrock and about 3pm PST when we made it to Holbrook.

Because of all the rain, the country from Virginia on was so green until Texas. Texas looked like it could use the rain Mom drove in. Despite that, Texas was still so beautiful. I would have liked to linger there longer.

There were large, fluffy clouds over New Mexico and entering Arizona, we were greeted by two, formidable, pock-marked boulders; the next exit off 40W was Window Rock. Fitting.

Becuase of the lack of major or even semi-major cities marked on the AZ map, I decided it would be safest to stop in Holbrook for gas, food and lodging. No telling how far down the road we could make it before we found another place to lay our heads.

As I said earlier, we crossed two time zones this day: from central --> mountain (9:52 so nice, decided to live it twice), then mountain --> pacific. By the time we were settled in our room at the Holiday Inn Express, my body had no concept of the time. Flying is easier in this respect.

Driving the past three days my mind -- being my mind -- thought of several movies. Stand By Me everytime I saw a train, and driving through some of the flooded areas reminded me of the leeches -- hehe. I, of course, thought of the movie Twister whilst driving through OK as most of it takes place in OK. And passing the ditches along the road, I thought that if a tornado happened along, we could drive into one of the deep ditches along the road and take cover in the piping. In OK, I also thought of Where the Heart Is as it too is set in that state. And the movie Newsies driving through New Mexico: "Santa Fe, are ya there? Do you swear ya won't forget me? If I found ya, would you let me come and stay?...."

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